If you enter a GPS Verifier code on your SASSIE shop report, and it tells you that you are not near the shop location, there are several possible reasons:

  1. You were not near the location when you obtained the GPS Verifier code.  You must obtain the GPS Verify code AT THE LOCATION.  You should also verify that the GPS Verify map pin shows you AT the location (see 2 below).
  2. Your phone's location services did not accurately report your location when you obtained the GPS Verifier code.  Like all apps, GPS Verifier depends on your phone's location services - if your phone uses a less accurate method of location (as iPhone/iPod/iPad devices often do), or if shows an old location (as older Android devices sometimes do), there is nothing that GPS Verifier can do about it.
  3. The address in SASSIE is incorrect, and the shop report therefore believes that you were in the wrong location.  If this happens, submit your GPS Verifyier code and notify the scheduler of the error.  We are unable to correct mistakes in SASSIE shop locations.